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Chen Weijun Member, Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial CPC Committee
The Secretary of CPC Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee

China Eye Valley - Wenzhou Eye Vision Innovation Hub Project makes full use of the top disciplines, clinical and educational advantages of the Wenzhou Medical University Ophthalmology & Optometry Department, and is an important platform for implementing the "Healthy Wenzhou" strategy and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. I have three constructive suggestions, one is to learn from the ZhiJiang laboratory model, which is the formation of governance agency to gathering resources and policies ;Second, we should effectively implement the combination mechanism of government, school and indsutry, give full play to their respective advantages and reflect the efficiency effect;Third, it is necessary to gather global resources, intensive design, construction and management, adhere to the high-end positioning, so that eye valley can build into the world's top ophthalmology and visual health incubator, industrial park.

Yao Gaoyuan Deputy Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee
Mayor of Wenzhou
China Eye Valley is a reflection of how Wenzhou climbing the scientific and technological peak, seizing the high end manufacturing chain, promoting industry development with high quality.
It is meaningful that Eye Valley using symbolism in which we bring the painted dragon to life by putting in the pupils of its eyes.
I hereby put forward 4 expectations for the future of Eye Valley: one, to speed up the landing of high production projects; second, to speed up the landing and the talent aggregation; third, to speed up creation of innovative ecologic system; fourth, to speed up the reconstruction of regional environment.

Qujia Professor Director of Wenzhou Eye & Vision Innovation Hub
Director of the Optometry Medicine & Ophthalmology Medical Department, WMU
Dean of Eye Hospitals Group, WMU
Former dean of WMU(2002-2015)
Both United States and China have Silicon Valley, Eye Hospital,WMU is recognized by the international academic community as the "China Wenzhou model" of higher education in ophthalmology & optometry medicine. Our teaching, scientific research, medical treatment, clinical are in the forefront of the country. Base in Wenzhou, we create "China Eye Valley" to turning the science and technology into productivity, , the "China Eye Valley - Wenzhou Eye & Vision Innovation Hub’s Collaboration Agreement" is signed to promote the comprehensive development in the field of ophthalmology & optometry, promote the construction of the regional eye & vision industry.


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Copyright © 2020 Eye Valley all rights reserved.
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