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CGT biotherapy industry represented by stem cell therapy and immune cell therapy is considered to be a revolutionary therapeutic industry succeeding small molecule drugs and protein drugs. It demonstrates satisfactory therapeutic effects in a variety of indications which cannot be solved by traditional drugs, providing an opportunity for China to get an upper hand in the biomedical field.


Currently many CGT achievements were born from colleges and universities which mainly provide basic research platforms in the early stage, while corporate development requires production amplification in a later stage. Many start-ups based on achievements from universities need to build their own pilot transformation platforms, unable to cross the industrial death valley lying ahead due to heavy hardware investment and insufficient personnel experience of software team (or production team, QA team, etc.). To promote the development of CGT along with other biotherapeutic technologies in the field of eye diseases and facilitate the industrialization process of relevant technologies, China Eye Valley plans to establish the first comprehensive biotherapeutic platform applied to treatment of eye diseases in China. The establishment of this platform will provide production environment and equipment at GMP level for various biotherapeutic drugs, helping enterprises to establish relevant quality control system, accomplish industrial mass production from laboratory research, and complete preliminary verification of clinical effectiveness and safety with shortest time and lowest cost. In this way the entrepreneurial threshold of pilot scale-up from achievement transformation of universities is lowered, making it the core hardware for promoting rapid eco-development of industry. In the meantime it can also provide relevant hospital resources such as Wenzhou Eye Hospital, break down the barriers between enterprises and hospitals, so as to accelerate the clinical application and industrial transformation of various biotherapies in the field of eye disease treatments.


Eye Valley Super Eye Hospital


China Eye Valley Super Eye Hospital is a subordinate hospital of WMU Eye Hospital Group, located at # 100, Northeast Luo Street, Yongzhong Subdistrict, Longwan District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Relying on the national-leading and world-class medical research level and industrial influence of the Eye Hospital affiliated to WMU in the field of ophthalmology, as well as its location advantage of Longwan National High-tech Zone, it integrates domestic and oversea high-quality medical resources, and introduces cutting-edge technological achievements and leaders in the field of ophthalmology to build a team.


In addition to the prevention and control of myopia (orthokeratology lens, low-concentration atropine, etc.), treatment of strabismus and amblyopia, medical optometry and optometry, and the diagnosis and treatment of common eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma and dry eye, the hospital gives full play to its unique institutional advantages and develops advanced techniques such as ICL lens implantation for myopia surgery, medical plastic surgery, 27G microincision vitrectomy, and various refractory glaucoma surgeries. The hospital has established a remote clinic to provide high-quality, efficient, comprehensive and full-chain eye health services to each patient.

Super Eye Hospital

The Eye Valley super eye hospital


The Eye Valley super eye hospital is located in building B, eye Valley Wenzhou International Innovation complex, with a building area of about 13944 square meters. There are 22 beds in the first phase. It is planned to carry out the project of vision, eye diseases and medical beauty. As an upgraded version of the eye optometry Hospital Affiliated to Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou eye Valley super eye optometry hospital will integrate high-quality medical resources at home and abroad, introduce cutting-edge technical achievements and eye optometry discipline leaders to form a team to enter, and provide international leading medical technology services for domestic patients. At the same time, relying on the national eye disease clinical medical research center, eye Valley super eye hospital will become the clinical experimental base for eye Valley to settle in innovative projects

Public Technique Platforms

Support to the construction of a public service platform is mainly surrounding industrial research, pilot development and small-scale production carried out in the above four areas to provide professional technical services, such as animal center, GLP laboratory, public GMP workshop. In the meantime, formation of technological innovation alliance between enterprises and experimental bases is promoted, to establish a joint enterprise engineering center, introduce and build 5 joint enterprise laboratories.

Industrial research and development service platform


The complex construction of an industrial R&D service platform is mainly centering on the five directions of "visual optics, biomaterials, ophthalmic medicine, ophthalmic devices and equipment, and smart medicine". Central laboratory and pilot base of the R&D platform was built to carry out cutting-edge technology research. All laboratories and pilot test bases are open for collaboration to realize cross-field and high-level sharing of research and experimental base.

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